Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 finally adds Arms Race mode

While Valve has been hard at work polishing the competitive space, the casuals have been feeling a bit abandoned.

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When Counter-Strike 2 launched, a fair few fans were quite annoyed that it replaced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as even if it looked prettier, it lacked some key game modes, and felt like a lesser experience to those who didn't want to just play ranked all the time.

Now, Valve is introducing a fan-favourite mode to the new shooter. Arms Race is making its grand return in the latest update for Counter-Strike 2. The mode features players racing to kill one another with the golden knife, earning new guns by scoring a couple of kills with their current weapon.

It's pretty much Gun Game from Call of Duty if you've not given it a go. Also, in this new update there's the first weapon case for CS2, and you'll get the ability to place stickers wherever you want them on your guns.

Counter-Strike 2

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