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Commander Keen

Commander Keen makes a comeback in new mobile game

Retro MS-DOS and Game Boy series is getting a title for iOS and Android.

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Older gamers might remember Commander Keen as a series of retro side-scrollers for the MS-DOS and Game Boy Color back in the '90s. If you're one of those people, you might also be surprised to hear that Bethesda's E3 conference revealed a comeback title. You might then be disappointed to hear that it's also a mobile game.

ZeniMax Online Studios will be bringing Commander Keen to iOS and Android as a free-to-play title. We don't know much more outside of the animated announcement trailer and description:

"It's time to kick some asteroid! Commander Keen returns in an all-new mobile adventure from ZeniMax Online Studios. Play as Billy and his twin sister Billie as they race to save the galaxy with their zany collection of gadgets and a whole lot of attitude."

No release details have been revealed, aside from the fact it's "coming soon."


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