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Coldwood on bringing "physicality and fluidity" to Unravel

We talk to Martin Sahlin about the promising yarn-themed platformer.

One of the bigger surprises to come out of E3 last month was Unravel, a game that (you could argue uncharacteristically) featured prominently during EA's press briefing.

We subsequently had the chance to talk with Martin Sahlin, the game's creative director, and in doing so we found out more about the yarn-themed physics-based platformer.

"When the yarn stuff gets second nature and it becomes a very natural extension of the normal platforming stuff you can do," Sahlin explained, "everything in the world is physics based, so it behaves the way you'd expect it to, then it gets really cool when you can do things like... since you always have this trail of yarn behind you, you can interact with that in different ways."

"So you can do things like you can tether yourself in place and jump off a ledge and just kind of grab the rope in mid-air and swing underneath the platform and use the lasso to grab the next one, and just get this kind of flow going. I'm a big fan of that, physicality and fluidity in gameplay."

Unravel still doesn't have a release date, in fact Sahlin compliments the support EA has shown the studio, describing the publisher as a "friendly giant" behind the team lending support. When it does launch, it'll be heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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