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Check out the hilarious Atomicrops reveal

The Simpsons episode with the Tomacco farm comes to mind as Stardew Valley meets Nuclear Throne.

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"Farm. Marry. Kill." This may just be our favourite gaming slogan at the moment and it belongs to the Bird Bath Games developed mix of Stardew Valley and Nuclear Throne that is Atomicrops. There's farming, there's killing, and yes you will even marry in this game. The reveal trailer (which is pretty special) can be viewed below. The publisher refers to it as a true FPS, that is "Farm Protection Simulator". Atomicrops is coming to PC and consoles (no specifics yet) later this year and has a major presence at this year's GDC where it is part of the Double Fine curated Day of the Devs selection and the line-up at The MIX (Media Indie Exchange).


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"Recommended to players who like a challenge and enjoy roguelikes and/or arcade shooters. If you're after a farming game, however, you might want to look elsewhere."

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