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Resident Evil 6

Capcom wants to release a sequel every 18 months

More frequent big titles from the Japanese publisher.

Capcom gives word that they havea new goal outlining that they will release a sequel to their biggest game franchises every 18th month. This instead of releases a sequel every 30th month as before.

"We have about 30 key developers and are able to deploy the required personnel at the required times as needed. This allows us to develop content with a small number of people while operating a number of lines at once. Ideally, we want to use a development period of 1.5 years as a rule for each team. Our goal is to make the development cycle even shorter."

If and how this will impact their most important franchises like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and Street Fighter remains to be seen.

Resident Evil 6

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Resident Evil 6

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