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Bulletstorm targeted by Fox

The worst video game in the world?

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Fox News, our favourite news station to make fun of, are back on the barricades wanting to ban the sale of violent video games to kids. They're using Bulletstorm as an example and react against the violence and sexual nature of some of the skill kills you can perform in game. The headline of the article "Is Bulletstorm the worst video game in the world?", isn't really supported by anything the article says, in fact it does come across as an effort to raise an issue that the industry is trying hard to ignore (stores who choose to ignore age ratings) for the most part.

I think it's pretty safe to say Bulletstorm isn't the worst video game in the world, it's not even the most violent one or sexually explicit (shooting someone's bare buttocks isn't exactly arousing in our opinion). However, Fox News obviously had an expert to throw in:

Carol Lieberman, a psychologist and book author, told that sexual situations and acts in video games -- highlighted so well in Bulletstorm -- have led to real-world sexual violence.

"The increase in rapes can be attributed in large part to the playing out of [sexual] scenes in video games," she said.

I would very much like to see the research that lead her to that conclusion and I highly doubt she has seen anything of Bulletstorm.

We will bring you a review of "The Worst Game in the World according to Fox News" later this month.

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