Brightrock wants to support Galacticare with "new story content, new levels, new arcs for the characters"

The developer has plenty in store for the management game.

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Galacticare is set to make its arrival on PC and consoles in a couple of days, with launch planned for May 23. With that debut in mind, you might be wondering if developer Brightrock Games has anything else in store for the cosmic management game? We asked this very question to writer and designer Lee Moon and producer Mitch Binding in an interview you can see in full below.


"Well, as you say, the universe is a big place," Moon began. "I think that with Galacticare, we've established one of the... when I've worked with Dante [de Glanvill], our lead writer, who has been responsible largely for establishing the core idea underpinning the universe, one of the exciting things is that it is not just the surface level, It's not just a surface layer and nothing underneath it, there is a lot that we can pull upon. There's a lot of core concepts and story threads, and the universe is designed from a bottom-up narrative layer to be a living, breathing thing with characters who actually inhabit it. That's been very important to us.

"So, in regards to the future, then I'm sure at the very least, we're going to support this game, you know, as we have our previous games with updates and content and some things just to keep people, free content just to keep people happy with it and make sure that the game's working as well as it can and feels great. And then beyond that, we have some ideas for new story content, new levels, new arcs for the characters to go on, like the aforementioned Dorian Salazar may well get a returning triumphant little campaign of his own. We may also visit some of the stories of the other characters like Heal and Medi who are very much the core cast. I know that we've wanted to have some more time with them and their specific own challenges and their stories.

"So, there's a lot of story that we can pull upon and continue to expand upon. Gameplay-wise, we've had loads of ideas over the years that we could pull upon. Different kinds of game modes or different mechanics that are formed by the wayside can't quite make it in for release, all these sorts of things that we could potentially look at again, maybe find some space for them."

Binding then picked up on this and added, "I think there's also with these stories, we've obviously then got loads of new conditions we'd like to explore. We've got ones that we've got an extensive list of conditions. When you look at the Pathodex inside the game and look through and all the species that can have these conditions, there's just loads and loads. And there's loads that we've also shelved because we've got too many maybe head conditions or ones that kind of do this. But I think with the expansion of new levels and stuff, we're definitely going to have new conditions, new rooms to treat these conditions as well. And yeah, new game modes.

"I know Josh [Bishop], our creative director, is really, really heavily wanting to go down new game modes and getting people to try new things in the genre and really push the boundaries of it. We've got this core game with this story, the narrative and the characters and everything, and really just pushing it further and exploring those different avenues."

With Galacticare coming up this week, you can find our review here, or watch our video review of the game below.


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