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Blizzard on new maps, heroes and updates for Overwatch

Jeff Kaplan discusses the future of the hero shooter.

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Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan has been talking about Overwatch following the successful launch of the colourful shooter. A central talking point of the interview was whether there would be new maps or heroes for the game.

Despite no schedule being set in stone for releases, he did confirm that the team were working on new hero and map updates, and that players will hear more about these as we move further into summer.

The Overwatch game director said that the team wants to see what the reaction is like when they release new heroes and maps and then take it from there. He cited the vehement reaction from a select group of players at the release of Mei, D. Va and Genji as the reason for this caution.

Kaplan also addressed concerns regarding characters such as McCree and D.Va, saying that McCree will be balanced in order to reduce the damage his hammer does. This will be balanced far sooner than D.Va since the team doesn't yet know which way they want to take her character.

Another big talking point was the return of competitive play to the game. This should be coming back to Overwatch at the end of the month but Kaplan was hesitant to give a date as there is a little uncertainty. He did promise a change to a progression-based system, though, which would mean that players can go down the ranks by losing rather than achieving a certain rank which would then guarantee safety.

Kaplan was also eager to address concerns about the tick rate of the game, imploring fans to watch a short video with Overwatch's engineers that demonstrates how the game works. He assured players that the server does tick at 60Hz and that complaints result from a "general misunderstanding". Some issues, for example, are down to either client update rates or latency.

To check out what else Kaplan had to say about Overwatch and its future, check out the full interview on Eurogamer.


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