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Biker DLC may have been leaked for GTA V

Scripts in the game code may have revealed a new DLC.

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Grand Theft Auto V may be getting a Biker DLC after biker scripts in the game's codes surfaced online.

A user by the name of TezFunz2 revealed the biker codes had been added to the game since the Cunning Stunts update. TezFunz explains that "gb" refers to previous CEO and VIP missions. Such players have privileges and can command other players to run jobs for them.

The revealed scripts suggest a biker update could allow players to operate a gang with an "initiation" process and possibly even some "joust" activities too.

Another significant script leak was "am_mp_personal_mod_garage", with the "am_mp" referring to properties you can own in the game, implying more garages are to come. TezFunz has been correct previously, so it remains to be seen whether these details are correct as well.

Grand Theft Auto V

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