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Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit

Be a developer with Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Garage mode

A sandbox creation mode for your cardboard games.

Make, play, discover. And then, invent your own Toy-Con. Both Nintendo Labo kits includes an extra mode called Toy-Con Garage which opens up after a few hours using the Discover section of the game. This is a simple development tool that lets the player find new ways of interact with the pre-existing Toy-Con or create new ones.

Nintendo explains the functionality: "There are special input nodes for the Toy-Con creations you make in each kit. That adds more possibilities for inventing. Many nodes have advanced settings, so you can really customize your project. Before you know it, you could be creating more complex projects like this one". There are a few examples on the official website. The Toy-Con Garage user interface links boxes with nodes. Input nodes include things like press a button or shake a Joy-Con and output nodes could be responses like a vibration or a sound.

Every connection is displayed on the Switch screen and reacts when a node is in use. This way, children follow step by step what is happening. At first, it could be something simple, like playing music with the motorbike Toy-Con, but there's clearly potential here for some imaginative creations.

Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit and Nintendo Labo: Robot Kit launch on April 20.

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Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit

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