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1993: Space Machine

As 1993 launches in 2016: "We might have turned it up to 11"

In March you will be able to shoot 'em up like it's 1993.

We sat down with artist and game designer Krister Karlsson to talk about a game first envisioned 23 years ago, that is finally getting its release next month on Steam.

The game development was put on hold as passion tore the team apart in the early 90s and for a long time the game was simply forgotten and put aside in a box and left in a basement.

"I actually managed to fire it up on my Amiga that I had left, my old precious machine from the past," says Karlsson recollecting the rediscovery. "And it worked. And I showed it to some people and they enjoyed it to my surprise, actually. But I was also very impressed by my own work that I'd put so much love into so many years ago."

When asked whether the developers have been sticking within the limitations of the old Amiga hardware or gone beyond Karlsson had this to say:

"In some instances we might have turned it up to 11, but we have been trying not to go completely bonanza, but since we don't have an Amiga to try the game on at the moment. It's very hard to know exactly what the limits are and so we might have been pushing the boundaries a little bit further than it was actually possible back then."

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1993: Space Machine will finally see release on Steam on March 28 this year.

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