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Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit

Ariana Grande performs with Nintendo Labo instruments

There are No Tears Left to Cry.

Nintendo Labo was released in early April and since then kids have been playing around with this unique combination of cardboard and games, creating all sorts of things. Things like instruments, for example. In fact, Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon got musical with the Labo just yesterday when they performed the former's superhit "No Tears Left to Cry" with The Roots on Labo instruments.

This fun albeit fairly strange video can be found right here, and the full breakdown of what's being used in the music video can be found below:

Ariana Grande - Vocals
Jimmy Fallon - Guitar, Piano Studio
Questlove - Robot Kit
Black Thought - Electric Guitar Fishing Rod
Kamal Gray - Toy-Con Piano x2 (Organ)
James Poyser - Toy-Con Piano x2
Captain Kirk - Acoustic Guitar
Mark Kelley - Bass Guitar
Stro - Toy-Con Garage Drum Machine

Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit

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