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Apex Legends

Apex Legends next season won't feature a new character

Rather current Legends will be getting reclassified.

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Fans of Respawn Entertainment's big battle royale, Apex Legends have become accustomed to getting a new playable character every single season. It has grown the list of Legends drastically over the years, but as we near the release of the game's next season, Respawn has announced that this one, known as Revelry, will not bring a new character to the game.

This is because Respawn will instead be using the season as an opportunity to reclassify the current Legend classes, with their now set to be five individual classes; Assault, Recon, Skirmisher, Controller, and Support.

As for what defines and sets the classes apart, Respawn has stated that each will have a unique perk (which could be how a Legend interacts with loot bins, or revives teammates), and that to set up for this reclassification system, there will be a slate of balance changes coming to ensure that each character adapts to the feature well. The Dev Diary below goes into further depth about the feature.


Otherwise, Apex Legends: Revelry will be seeing a Team Deathmatch mode arriving as part of the season, alongside a new weapon called The Nemesis. There will also be a rotating mode playlist, and to help new players jump into the Apex action, the first-time-user experience is being overhauled.

Lastly, during Revelry, we can look forward to the return of the Anniversary event, as Respawn looks to celebrate four years of Apex Legends.

As for when Apex Legends: Revelry will start, the season kicks off on February 14.

Apex Legends

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