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Grand Theft Auto V

Almost eight years after its launch, GTA V was the most watched game on Twitch this March

The interest is driven by role playing servers.

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To think that it has almost been eight years since Grand Theft Auto V was released is quite a crazy thought, but it's even crazier to see that it has just been crowned as the most watched game on Twitch for the month of March.

First noticed by Stream Elements (and reported on by PCGamesN), the title took the second slot for the most watched category on Twitch, amassing 181 million hours watched over March, placing it ahead of League of Legends (143 million) and behind Just Chatting (265 million).

Considering GTA V has nearly been out in the wild for eight years, the level of support from the community and creators is astounding, and is led by the surging interest in role playing servers by streamers. These see people fulfil a particular job in the GTA V world, and the current biggest names that participate range from XQC to Summit1G.

It would be a pretty massive feat if GTA V maintains this success into April, so we'll have to see whether the Rockstar-developed game can maintain its throne this time next month.

Grand Theft Auto V

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