Grand Theft Auto V

Alien sightings in Grand Theft Auto V

Data miners have found an Alien Crash Site mission.

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Rockstar is well known for adding easter eggs and other interesting bits in their Grand Theft Auto franchise, and for Grand Theft Auto V there's been a lot of talk about aliens. Now it appears that there's a real treat coming to all of you who "believe".

The data miners at Team Guru decided to give the game code another look after the Gunrunning expansion was found to contain mentions of a crash landed alien spaceship among other details. By changing some variables in the code they were successful in launching a brand new mission, which led them to a swamp where they found a crash site, together with a couple of deceased scientists and soldiers. The mission continued with them having to escort some mysterious eggs, but not without dealing with some very disgruntled aliens first.

We don't know if this has been added and then cut by Rockstar, or if it was supposed to be released in the future, but as of right now we have to settle with Team Guru's video on the topic. Would you like to see this implemented in the game?

Grand Theft Auto V

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