Grand Theft Auto V

After eleven years of waiting, you can finally drive the train in GTA Online!

All as part of the new Raid.

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Fans have had to wait an obscenely long time to be able to get into the cockpit of the train in Grand Theft Auto Online. Despite the online portion of the game debuting around 3811 days ago, the opportunity to drive the train in the game has only just arrived.

Sure, it is only possible to do this during a special mission that came during the last update, but we are talking about driving an indestructible train here! It was on the 7th of March that Rockstar Games released their latest free update, and the mission called The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid is now available.

This time it's a corrupt cop and a drug cartel to be crushed and you can run it single player or with up to three friends. And it is during this mission that you get the chance to steal and take a ride in the game's finest train to sneak into Cluckin' Bell's factory which apparently deals more with drugs than chicken burgers. And sure, we only get to ride the train once, but it's worth it. Check out the video below!

Grand Theft Auto V

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