Gotham Knights

A new Batman game could be announced soon

Warner Bros. Montreal shared a few clues while celebrating Batman's anniversary.

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Batman celebrated 80 years this weekend, not Bruce Wayne himself, but the character by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. There have been several celebrations of the Dark Knight's birthday, including Epic Games and its Batman-themed event in Fortnite and a giveaway of six games on PC.

Warner Bros. Montreal, the studio that developed Batman: Arkham Origins (for many the black sheep from the Arkham games, although it's not nearly as bad as some people make out), also celebrated the hero's creation, and it did so with a video shared on its Twitter account.

The 30 second video shows the bat-signal lighting up a building, but in a few frames it's possible to see some weird symbols overlapping the image. Some are speculating that the symbols are related to Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins, while others point to the enigmatic Court of Owls.

Whatever it is, it sure looks like a new Batman game might be getting announced very soon, and it's about time if you ask us.

Gotham Knights
Could the mysterious Court of Owls be the focus of a new Batman game?

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