Dead Island 2

24 billion zombies have been slayed in Dead Island 2

Dambuster is promising that there will be further support for the game in the future.

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If you were wondering what will be next for Dead Island 2 now that the SoLA expansion has made its arrival, Dambuster Studios has some good news for you.

In a new blog post, the developer not only confirms that seven million players have jumped into Dead Island 2, to help slay over 24 billion zombies (that's around 3,500 zombies slain each), but that there are plans in place to continue providing "ongoing support for Dead Island 2 across all platforms."

We're not told what this support will be just yet, but Dambuster does note that it will be revealing more in the coming months, so perhaps we'll see an announcement in the summer during either Summer Game Fest or at Gamescom in late August.

Dead Island 2

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