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1993: Space Machine

1993: Space Machine aims for 2014 release

Buried Amiga game hopes to live again on Steam.

Modesty's Krister Karlsson (makers of The Spookening) recently ventured back into game development after starting his career making games on Amiga. He had worked on a shoot 'em up for Amiga back in 1993 that for one reason or another (apparently one member of the team fell in love with another and things sort of fell apart) was never finished despite having a publisher and getting some press in major Amiga magazines at the time.

Now he's bringing at back as 1993: Space Machine - a new retro game that's not been adapted to today's standards, but simply is an Amiga game they way they were back in the day. The idea is to be greenlit on Steam for release next year. It's certainly an interesting story...

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