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Goldeneye 007

14 year old Goldeneye 007 has leaked online

Jump back into the shoes of the iconic secret agent.

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The James Bond adventure Goldeneye 007 for Nintendo 64 is, and remains one of the most classic action games out there, and in 1997 there were few games that were hotter than the British agent's 3D debut. Microsoft then acquired, - as you will probably remember - the developer Rare and it was thought that they would release a remastered version of the much-appreciated adventure to the Xbox 360 to celebrate the game's tenth anniversary. The plans were scrapped, however, as there were apparently licensing issues that put the brakes on, but this did not stop Microsoft from almost completing an updated version of the game in question. Now, around 14 years later, the said edition has been leaked online.

This is a faithful fine-tuning of the original and large parts is also playable for PC, even if the beloved multiplayer mode is not included. You can watch a video from this version here.

Goldeneye 007

Thanks Gamespot

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