Flipping Death

Zoink wants you to help with Flipping Death designs

Or, more specifically, for the antagonist.

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The insane 2D adventure Flipping Death may well need your help, as developer Zoink Games has asked for character creations for antagonist Doctor Laser, so be sure to submit your ideas if you want the chance to not only influence the game's design, but also get rewards for it too. This includes an appraisal for your work (a tombstone/portrait in the game), the title of ZEO - Zoink Executive Official - and a copy of the game before release.

If you want to help Zoink you have to sketch what Doctor Laser should look like and how she or he behaves, maybe even writing down a few things too. You have until next Wednesday, June 28 at 23:00 BST to submit your designs, and the weirder the better!

For more information watch the trailer down below, or head to the official website.

Flipping DeathFlipping Death

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