Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets into the video game business

The Man Utd striker has invested in Isbit Games.

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When he's not playing football or posing in Volvo commercials, Zlatan Ibrahimovic tends to lend his name to, among other things, sports drinks and perfumes. Now it's time for the man, the legend, to venture into the world of gaming, reports Swedish site 8till5.

The Manchester Utd forward has invested and thus will become a partner in a studio called Isbit Games, which in turn is part of the publicly listed company, Intellecta.

The same studio made First Person Lover for Björn Borg, so might there also be a Zlatan-themed video game in the works? We can but hope.

When the deal is done and all the papers are signed, Zlatan will own 12.5 percent of Isbit Games, while Intellecta remains the majority shareholder with 65.6 percent. What role Zlatan will take in the company remains unknown, but we sure can't wait to find out.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets into the video game business

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