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Zeus departs Gambit Esports to return to Natus Vincere

Kane has come from Gambit too.

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Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko was the in-game leader for Gambit Esports when they won their first major in Krakow last month, but his former team Natus Vincere has announced that he has returned to their team, along with coach Mykhailo 'Kane' Blagin, who replaces active coach Andrey 'Andi' Prokhorov.

"Seven days ago, I would have said that Dania's transfer to Na`Vi was impossible," Yevhen Zolotarov, Natus Vincere CEO, commented. "Nevertheless, the situation is constantly changing and life provides unexpected opportunities. I am proud that the legend is back to the club. I am also happy that Kane, the man who had brought Gambit to victory at the last Major, joined us. We believe that his outstanding cooperation with Dania, vast experience and in-game thinking outside the box will strengthen our team. It is truly heartbreaking to bid farewell to Andi. Andrey was a part of our organization since 2014, and went from website author to team analyst; think about it, he became a coach of Natus Vincere. I am thankful for all the work you've done for us, and wholeheartedly wish you good luck!".

Why did Zeus leave Gambit, though? Well, that's a question he wanted to answer himself in a TwitLonger post.

"During the last 6 months our team has experienced disagreements and issues," he explained. "But overlooking those difficulties, we came to our wins together. But at this stage the guys decided to kick our coach Kane, even with the condition that I will leave with him. Misha Kane is a man who I've worked and been friends with a long time, a man who taught me and helped me get through last years kick from Na'Vi, and a man who helped us win the major. But the team thinks otherwise, overlooking my experience in this situation and my attempts at saving the roster. It's very weird to me, because in other sports everything happens differently, the coaches are celebrated for such achievements. The key to success in a game - not only skilled players, but a captain/coach tandem. When this atmosphere and authority is disrupted, working with the team becomes very challenging. I came to Gambit with a condition that Kane will be our coach and with him we climbed from #24 to #3 in the rankings, winning a bunch of tournaments along the way. But now nobody cares about it...fame is such a thing."

Now that Zeus is back, Na'Vi's team will gather for a bootcamp on August 15 at their gaming house, lasting until August 28, when they will start playing and participating in tournaments.

Is this a good transfer for Zeus?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: DreamHack

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