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Zero Damage

Zero Damage is an action game with "a message of peace"

Producer and game director Daniel Camelo spoke to us at Gamescom about the action game with a twist.

Zero Damage is a game that caught our eye during the early stages of Gamescom, because this is an action game with a difference, since you're not actually attacking anyone. It's all about peace, and game designer Daniel Camelo explained this in a bit more detail to us at the show.

"The game is a game delivered for action, for fun, but you don't shoot, you don't destroy anything, so it's a challenge when it comes to game mechanics, to make something fun without shooting, to actually deliver a message of peace," he said.

"The main loop is that you fly and save people in a planet that's completely in a war, but you use sci-fi mechanics to protect yourself and escape from the enemies."

For more on the game, including the inspirations behind it, check out the full interview below. Do you like this twist on action games?

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