ZeniMax has trademarked Hi-Fi Rush

It looks like a new ZeniMax announcement might be on the cards relatively soon.

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It seems like we might not be too far away from a new ZeniMax announcement. The Twitter user Idle Sloth has noticed that they trademarked something called Hi-Fi Rush a few days before Christmas, and it is listed as - amongst other things - "Computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles".

ZeniMax is the parent company owning Bethesda, id Software, Arcane, MachineGames and ZeniMax Online Studios (as well as a few others). They were bought by Microsoft earlier this fall, and the acquisition is expected to be finalised early 2021. We don't know which studio that is developing Hi-Fi Rush or when it will be revealed, but at least it does sounds like we can expect a new ZeniMax franchise to be announced in a not too distant future.

ZeniMax has trademarked Hi-Fi Rush

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