Yu Suzuki to talk Shenmue at GDC

Classic Game Postmortem talk scheduled in for March.

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For many Sega fans the fact that there is no Shenmue 3 and likely won't ever be one is hard to swallow. The innovative original game that was the world's most expensive video game at the time may not have been perfect, but dared to try a lot of things never seen before in a video game.

At next year's Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco (March 17-21) legendary game director Yu Suzuki will present a "Classic Game Postmortem" on Shenmue, with translation duties handled by none other than Sony's Mark Cerny.

"Suzuki, currently president of his own studio YsNet, will talk for the very first time about the creation of the console classic Shenmue. Beginning with the origin of the title as a Virtua Fighter-based RPG on the Sega Saturn, he will take the audience through the long journey of the game that led to its ultimate release in 1999 on the Sega Dreamcast."

We cannot wait to hear more on the development of Shenmue.


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