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Youtubers Life OMG! Edition

Youtubers Life celebrates its $12M revenue milestone with DLC

The simulation game Youtubers Life surpassed a major milestone with $12 million in revenue and to celebrate, the game is getting a new DLC.

As the "YouTuber" profession has grown over the years, so has the intrigue of becoming one. U-Play Online's simulation game Youtubers Life lets people all over the world do just that without all the hassle of having to set up an actual channel and people seem to love the game, considering it recently surpassed $12 million in revenue.

To celebrate this, the developer is releasing a new DLC for the game that adds the popular fashion YouTuber. The DLC will let you buy and design your own outfits, create fashion videos, attend fashion events to kickstart a top model career and more.

Have you tried Youtubers Life?

Youtubers Life OMG! Edition

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