Death Stranding

YouTuber modified his treadmill into a controller

In order to play Death Stranding completely immersed, a YouTuber modified his treadmill to use it as a controller.

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Death Stranding was released back in November 2019 and since its release, some have called the game a third-person walking simulator, simply because there is so much walking in it. So much, in fact, that one would most definitely get a good workout mimicking the in-game protagonists' pacing off-screen.

Youtuber Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced took this to the next level when he modified his own treadmill so that he could use it as a controller. In other words, now he can really do the walking while playing Death Stranding. He uses a regular PS4 controller for other functions, but the left thumbstick action is done with a treadmill.

Check out the video out on Youtube.

Death Stranding

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