Youtooz is launching Banjo-Kazooie collectibles

The figures are priced at $29.99 and are planned to release in June.

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If you like video game collectibles, chances are good you are familiar with Funko Pop and perhaps also the Japanese Nendoroids. But another brand called Youtooz has grown a lot recently, doing mainly cartoon versions of influencers. But they are now expanding into other areas as well, and next in line is a certain bear/bird duo we learned to love in the 90's.

We're of course talking about Banjo-Kanzooie, who also will get company by two other characters from the franchise; Banjo's sister Tooty and the mole named Bottles. The pre-orders starts on Rare's store February 26, with the characters being priced $29.99 and then a planned release in June. Considering how good they look, we assume they might be a big hit, so make sure to be an early bird if you want one.


Thanks, ComicBook.com.

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