Guild of Dungeoneering

You're building the dungeon in Guild of Dungeoneering

We catch up with Colm Larkin to learn more about the "reversed roguelike".

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We caught up with game designer Colm Larkin from Gambrinous to discuss the delightful "reversed roguelike" Guild of Dungeoneering.

"The idea there is like in a roguelike you're exploring dungeons, but our twist on that is that you don't get to control your hero. Instead you actually build the dungeon around them. And so you put down new rooms, new corridors, you put down the monsters they're going to fight, and then the hero has their own AI. So they'll choose to move a certain way or fight a certain monster or run away from a certain monster and you don't have direct control over them. You're trying to influence them, but you are on their side."


Gambrinous are trying to get the PC and Mac versions of the game done for this summer, and after that they'll turn to the tablet versions of the game.

Guild of Dungeoneering

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