Your Steam account can not be transferred to someone else when you die

Our digitally purchased products will never be able to turn into some kind of family heirlooms, unfortunately.

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One thing many people may not have given much thought to is what happens to your digital game collection when you're... well, taking a dirt nap. Your physical games, consoles, controllers and the like will of course go to your heirs, but when it comes to digital games, it's more unclear. Can you bequeath your Steam collection to your kindly Aunt Helga or your somewhat annoying second cousin Axton?

One user decided to find out and contacted Steam support about the matter and via the Neogaf forum we now get to see the discussion, which had a very clear message:

"Hi, thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately Steam accounts and games are not transferable. Steam Support cannot provide another person with access to the account or merge its contents with another account. I regret to inform you that your Steam account cannot be transferred through a will."

And so we know. All the games you have purchased (and all your save files) will disappear for good the moment you die, although we suppose it is technically possible to at least continue playing them for some time, provided your relatives have access to all the credentials required to log in to your account.

Your Steam account can not be transferred to someone else when you die

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