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You'll soon be able to get a Pikachu-riding vacuum robot

It's similar to a Roomba, but Shine Co.'s RunRun Cleaner has the Pokémon mascot riding on the top and talking as it cleans.

The Roomba is a robot vacuum that helps keep your house nice and tidy, and while this isn't usually what we'd report on in terms of tech and hardware, Comic Natalie has brought us news on something very exciting regarding a similar device, as reported in English by Crunchyroll.

Well, it's probably particularly appealing to Pokémon fans, as Japanese toy company Shine Co. has revealed that they're releasing the Pokémon Pikachu RunRun Cleaner, which is a robot vacuum with Pikachu on the top, as indicated by the 'Who's that Pokémon?' style image below.

As if that wasn't cute enough, Pikachu also talks while the vacuum goes to work, automatically cleaning the surfaces as the Pokémon mascot directs it.

This cleaner will be there to see at the Tokyo International Gift Show, and then they'll be available for purchase.

Shine is also releasing a light too, but that's far less important than a vacuum, right?

You'll soon be able to get a Pikachu-riding vacuum robot

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