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You could earn some money through Fortnite's Creative 2.0 mode

Epic Games are paying creators based on player engagement.

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Epic Games is bringing back Fortnite's Creative Mode later this month with Creative 2.0. It seems alongside players getting the chance to make their own map, they might also be able to earn money from those maps.

It hasn't been made clear exactly how players can make money from their Fortnite maps, but as it is associated with player engagement, we imagine the more people play and more time spent on a map, the more money its creator makes.

This means that map creators will no longer have to rely on the heavily criticised Support-A-Creator program. Beyond just getting money from Creative 2.0, map makers will also be able to make custom models, scripts, and more with the update.

After a few delays, it seems we'll be seeing Creative 2.0 very soon. Will you be making a map?


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