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You can vote for Pokémon to appear in Community Days

There are four you can vote for, with two winners set to star in Pokémon GO in June and July.

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Niantic has this week announced that Pokemon Go Community Day voting is back, but now you will have to choose one from one of four available Pokémon. Furthermore, the two most voted pocket monsters will be featured in June and July, with the Pokémon with the most votes being featured in June and the runner-up in July. The vote will be held around May 23-24 on Twitter, so head over if you want to have your say.

Each Pokémon will have its own exclusive attacks if featured in the Community Day. Featured Squirtles can be evolved to Blastoise with the Aura Sphere attack, while Weedles can become a Beedrill that knows Drill Run. Sandshrew (and Alolan Sandshrews) can evolve to Sandlash (and Alolan Sandslash) with Shadow Claw attack. Meanwhile, if Gastly is chosen as the featured Pokemon, Gengar evolved from it will know the Shadow Punch attack.

You can see more details about the bonuses and Community Days here. Which Pokemon will you vote you?

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