Final Fantasy XV

You can play as the Power Rangers in Final Fantasy XV

Mighty mod morphs Noctis and friends into four of the rangers.

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Noctis and his buddies were the stars of the show in Final Fantasy XV, which launched at the tail-end of 2016 and has since been repackaged, ported, and re-released, most recently with the Royal Edition of the game expanding the adventure in certain areas as well as bringing together existing content.

One thing that the Royal Edition won't let you do, however, is transform Noctis and his friendly gang of adventurers in the Power Rangers. If that's the update that you never knew you wanted then worry not, for one modder has turned your unrealised dream into a reality with a fun new mod for the PC version of the game that lets you turn the four feisty friends into the green, red, black and blue rangers respectively.

On top of the new-look character models, Jazneo also went as far as creating weapons for the characters, giving the package an even more authentic look. You can watch the completely unofficial trailer for the fan-made update right here.

Final Fantasy XV

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