Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

You can now play an hour of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

As part of Steam Next Fest, developer Frogwares has launched a big demo.

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The Ukrainian developer Frogwares has been taking a completely understandable longer period of time to release its next game, Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, as the ongoing war in the studio's home country has caused immeasurable problems for the developer.

That being said, Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is still set to launch in early 2023, and ahead of the currently lacking exact date, the developer has released an hour long demo on Steam to mark the ongoing Steam Next Fest. You can dive in and play through an hour of this upcoming detective thriller to see how it is shaping up, and to see just how the gameplay is looking, Frogwares has even released a Deep Dive gameplay trailer showing off more of what's in store.


We recently had a chance to play Sherlock Holmes The Awakened ourselves, and wrote up some thoughts about our experience with the preview build. Be sure to check that out right here.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

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