Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

You can now listen to Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth's soundtrack on Spotify and Apple Music

Square Enix has published some songs on the streaming platforms, including a new orchestral Remake album.

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If you've been focussed on reaching the end of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth ever since the game made its debut at the end of February and have fallen in love with its fantastic soundtrack, we have some good news for you.

As noticed by the X account AniPlaylist, you can now head to Apple Music and Spotify to listen to a selection of songs from the Rebirth soundtrack. This spans five tracks, but is regarded as a preview version, so perhaps more songs will be added in the future.

Plus, a new version of the Final Fantasy VII: Remake soundtrack has been added too, with this regarded as the Orchestral Arrangement Album, putting a new spin on the songs that we all came to love again in 2020.

Which song from the Rebirth soundtrack is your favourite?

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

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