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You can now have Banjo read out Magic The Gathering cards

One half of the Banjo Kazooie squad is here for a fun new exercise that makes us wonder who was asking for this and why.

Magic The Gathering can sound like a collection of random jargon to those not familiar with the game, an experience which has been recreated on a new site called BanjoMTG through the voice of Banjo (one half of the pair of protagonists from Banjo-Kazooie).

We threw in a few cards that we knew, and it turns out that Banjo will read out the ability of any Magic The Gathering card you could think of in his trademark voice. With his visage over the body of infamous planeswalker Jace the Mind Sculptor, it's clear that Banjo has been spending time honing his milling skills.

What do you think of this charming website?

You can now have Banjo read out Magic The Gathering cards

Thanks, Destructoid.

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