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You can now get your hands on Owo, the jacket that makes you feel the games

Haptic clothing is no longer science fiction thanks to Owo, whose system is already on sale and is compatible with current major titles.

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Have you ever wondered what your character feels like in your video game? How to take technology to a new level of immersion in the game? Well, now all that can be yours, because the Spanish company OWO has put on sale the first batch of its haptic fabric with the same name, which allows us to feel the game.


After the success of its last venture, in which it obtained backing worth one million euros, the startup from Malaga can now finally put its haptic jacket on sale with an initial print run limited to 2,000 units, which they have called Founders Edition.

This first run also comes with a 20% discount on the initial price, with the system available for €399 compared to its base price of €499. In addition, the system works with some of the biggest titles in the current gaming scene, such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, Rainbow Six, PUBG, CS: GO and many more.

Very soon we will be able to give you more details from Gamereactor with Owo, as we are going to test the haptic system and take our games to a new level. And if you also want to get it, you can buy it from here.

You can now get your hands on Owo, the jacket that makes you feel the games

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