Fallout (Amazon)

You can now buy Lucy's backpack from the Fallout show

If you've got £200 to spend on a vegan leather backpack, you can pre-order it now.

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It seems that UK retailer Game is wasting no time in producing some Fallout-related merchandise. Already, there's a replica of Lucy's backpack from the critically acclaimed Amazon Prime series up for pre-order.

The backpack is made from vegan leather and resilient fabric. It has a 20-llitre interior, complete with pockets for your laptop, phone, glasses, and keys. It costs £199.99 and will ship on the 30th of September, 2024.

The backpack also comes with a blanket to complete its look from the show. If you really want to act like going outside is stepping into a nuclear wasteland, then this might be the accessory for you.

Fallout (Amazon)
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