You can make a model out of your Star Trek Online ship
Star Trek Online

You can make a model out of your Star Trek Online ship

Mixed Dimensions is offering a variety of options.

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Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced that 3D starship printing is now available for MMORPG Star Trek Online, and the partnership with Mixed Dimensions will offer players the chance to log into the game and order a collectible model of their favourite in-game ships, starting at $200 USD.

This will use Mixed Dimensions' GamePrint technology, mixing together 3D printing and hand craftsmanship, and players can upload their ships directly to this GamePrint website, where there are three different purchase options. Primer version, for instance, is an unpainted version for $200, while you can get a Single-Colour version (black, gold, silver, or bronze) for $225, or you could go all-out and get a Collectible version for $350, which is a premium, full-coloured model, including detailed shading and "exceptional artistry," according to the press release.

It's worth noting that costs may vary depending on ship size and customisations, but you'll get an exclusive display stand with each. Batches of 100 units at a time will be made, so when you order you'll be given an estimate time it'll take to create and deliver, as well as photo updates of the ships. Also, if you don't have the PC version of the game, you may be pleased to hear Mixed Dimensions will also be offering completed models of 20 of the game's most popular ships, which will be available soon.

Is your ship worthy of a model?

Star Trek Online
Star Trek Online
Star Trek Online

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