Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

You can download Totally Accurate Battlegrounds for free

Battle Royale parody free on Steam for a limited time.

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If you've had enough of Battle Royale games and/or modes inspired by the likes of Fortnite: Battle Royale and PUBG but still like the concept then we've got some potentially interesting news for you. Landfall Games has just released Totally Accurate Battlegrounds over on Steam, and it's a title created with the sole purpose of mocking the most famous Battle Royale titles. Originally it was an April Fool's joke but then it got pushed back as the experience was fleshed out.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is a multiplayer first-person shooter in which users are catapulted onto the game and tasked with taking out everyone they meet along the way. The graphics might pretty basic but the unique twist is the physics engine used in-game.

The price of Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is around the €5 mark, however, the studio has decided to make it free for a limited period of time, so snap it up quick if you like the cut of its polygonal jib. If you want to know more or download the game simply head over to Steam and get stuck in.

Totally Accurate BattlegroundsTotally Accurate BattlegroundsTotally Accurate BattlegroundsTotally Accurate Battlegrounds
Totally Accurate BattlegroundsTotally Accurate Battlegrounds
Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

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