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You can "dance between bullets" in Superhot

Iwanicki: "you can do things that we haven't seen before."

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Nick grabbed a word with Piotr Iwanicki and time stood still as the pair discussed his ingenious first-person shooter, Superhot.

During the interview, Iwanicki passionately explains to us the unique concept that defines Superhot, a game that originally started life as browser game before getting funded on Kickstarter.

"It's a first-person shooter, and the whole idea of our reinvention of the first-person shooter genre is that time moves only when you move," he told us.


"It's like a first-person shooter action game that waits for you. So it becomes more like a strategic puzzle, it's not longer reflex-based, but still you have this feeling that everything happens very, very fast, just that you're in control of time."

Iwanicki continued: "So with this thing all the amazing actions are suddenly possible, things you haven't seen in a first-person shooter, right, you are dodging bullets; if you just see a bullet in front of you and don't move so this bullet flies only very, very slowly."

"And when you move very slowly on the controller you can just dance between bullets, grab guns, stun enemies with thrown bottles. You can grab their guns in the air like in a John Wu movie" he said before later summing up that "you can do things that we haven't seen before."

Watch the rest of the interview for more on the narrative that'll drive the gameplay, and the interesting story behind the game's development.

Superhot is heading to PC and Xbox One, and should be launching on both platforms at the end of this year. It'll be a digital game, likely priced around $20, and we're looking forward to seeing more.


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