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Gears POP!

You can build your Gamerscore with Gears POP!

Xbox Live Achievements are featured with the mobile game, and you just need to link your Gamertag.

Gears POP! was officially announced at E3 last year, and yesterday it was finally released. That means you can now download it for Android and iOS and participate in real-time PVP battles, with over 30 Gears of War characters based on Funko POP! designs.

On top of that, it turns out you can actually build your Gamerscore in the game by entering your Xbox Live Gamertag when you start playing, as it has real Achievements. This was revealed on the official Twitter account for the game:

"Yes, there are Xbox Live Achievements in #GearsPOP. Wouldn't be a Gears game without them. Seriously."

You can check out the full list of Achievements for Gears POP! at this link.

Are achievements important to you?

Gears POP!

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