You are now free to practice with characters you don't own in MultiVersus

The first big patch has been released.

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As we pointed out in our review of MultiVersus, it was a shortcoming that Player First Games chose to remove the option to try out all fighters in the game's training mode (something that was possible in last year's beta). Testing how characters feel to play with is both helpful to know if it's worth investing in them, and also provides a good opportunity to learn how all the fighters perform so you are better prepared when you meet them.

And fortunately, the developers have now come to the same realization and decided to do something about it. In the first major patch to the game, the ability to train with characters you don't own has been added. In addition, you now once again gain XP just by playing and no longer have to engage in daily challenges.

As icing on the cake, we have received various bug fixes and optimizations and several characters have also been overhauled. Banana Guard is now a little less of a bitch to fight (although we guess more nerfs are needed) while Stripe and Taz have been improved.

Check out all the new features in the patch here, and don't forget to read our review.


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