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Final Fantasy XIV

Yoshida wants Final Fantasy XIV Switch and Xbox cross-play

Talks are "ongoing" with the platform holders, but it might be another Fortnite situation.

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It's not the first time that Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida has demonstrated his interest in bringing the MMORPG to both the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft's Xbox One (this after releasing the game on PC and Sony's PS3/PS4), but in doing so it looks like he'd like to be able to gather all of the game's players together, no matter their platform.

That being the case, at E3 last week, Yoshida underlined that he'd like "as many to play as possible", in an interview with VGR. The Japanese producer admitted having "ongoing" discussions with all three console manufacturers (Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft) to try and release a title on Switch and Xbox One that would be able to cross-play with pre-existing PC and PS4 versions.

They "hope to announce something as soon as we can", but if cross-play is a must for these new versions to happen, and considering the recent controversy surrounding Fortnite, it might never happen.

Final Fantasy XIV

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