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Final Fantasy XVI

Yoshida: Final Fantasy XVI has "no load times at all"

"The action, the cutscenes, the dialogue and the story are all blended seamlessly", FFXVI's producer tells Gamereactor.

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Final Fantasy XVI mic-dropped the most recent State of Play showcase by Sony earlier this month to announce its delay until a TBA date in 2023 and to provide fans with three minutes of new footage. Since then, those fans have been discussing how world, combat, and characters will relate to one another, and Naoki Yoshida has been explaining how the team at Square Enix added some HUD elements on top of that footage to underline that everything was rendered in-game.

Now, the Japanese producer has talked with Gamereactor and delved into this very topic, as they're aiming for a no-cuts experience.

"As for the battles themselves in Final Fantasy XVI, you will see they come in many different scales and sizes", Yoshida-san told our colleagues at in a full interview that you'll be able to read in English at the weekend. "Like you saw in the trailer, some battles will feature Clive fighting waves of smaller soldier-like enemies. Others will pit him against colossal bosses or even the Eikons themselves. Clive will actually get to control an Eikon himself and battle other Eikons in encounters on a massive scale. The one thing that can be said about all of these, however, is that the action, the cutscenes, the dialogue and the story are all blended seamlessly. No load times at all paves the way for a high octane, rollercoaster game experience."

What do you expect of this blend of RPG and hectic action? Leave a comment below.

Final Fantasy XVI

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