Silent Hills

Yes, you do play as Norman Reedus in PT

A camera hack has revealed that you play as the same character we see in the ending cinematic for the horror experience.

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Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima have a good relationship, since the former has appeared in Kojima Productions' Death Stranding, which finally released last month after a lengthy wait, but that wasn't the first thing they did together.

The Walking Dead actor had appeared in PT before that, after all, which was the playable teaser for Silent Hills, which ended up being canceled. Regardless, it remained a cultural phenomenon in the horror space, and Reedus even turns up in the ending cinematic.

Does this mean you play as Reedus' character in the actual first-person experience though? That was always assumed, but now a camera hack from Lance McDonald has confirmed without a doubt that this is indeed the case, showing Reedus in the mirror as the character walks around.

If you missed the boat on PT (you can't get it anymore on the PS Store), then make sure to check out our most recent Let's Play from Halloween this year, showing you why it's considered one of the scariest horror experiences out there.

Did you assume it was Reedus we were playing as?

Silent Hills

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