Yellowjackets (Paramount+)

Yellowjackets Season 2: First look at Elijah Wood's character has arrived

We'll get to see the character in action when the season debuts in March.

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This year is pretty stacked when it comes to promising looking movies and series. The box office will be loaded throughout the year and TV will be getting some truly exciting new additions as well as continuations of well-received existing shows - one such being Yellowjackets.

The drama series will be making a comeback in March when Season 2 starts streaming, and ahead of that date, we've now been given our first look at Elijah Wood's new character, Walter.

The first look sees Wood in a scene with Christina Ricci's Misty, and while what the pair are doing remains unclear, they do find themselves standing and staring intently at something that will no doubt be crucial to the next stage of this gripping mystery.

Yellowjackets Season 2 is slated to release in the US on March 24, but as for an exact UK release date that has not been determined or announced as of yet.

Yellowjackets (Paramount+)

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