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Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Yagorath is now in Paladins

The major annual update has hit the Champion-based shooter.

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A few weeks ago, we reported on the latest Champion being introduced to Paladins. Originally announced in the Hi-Rez Showcase, Yagorath is now available to play in the Champion-based shooter, bringing the studio's most ambitious character to players all over the world.

"Yagorath is by far our most ambitious Champion yet," says Game Designer Kevin Readen in a press release. "We really want her to feel like a horrific monster, dominating the battlefield with devastating abilities and her intimidating presence, towering over everyone else. Her abilities highlight moments of power, both playing as Yagorath and against her, that allow players to feel like they have a raid boss in their midst."

Yagorath joins Paladins as part of its Season 4: Calamity update that is also introducing a new season pass and three new editions of the game. Players can now grab the Paladins Starter Edition for $9.99, featuring a bunch of the most popular Champions, the Paladins Gold Edition for $29.99, bringing 30 Champions and 600 Crystals to spend on whatever you so desire, or the Paladins Deluxe Edition, costing $59.99 and offering everything from the previous two editions combined, plus 10 more Champions and the 2021 Season Pass.

To check out the full update notes for Season 4: Calamity that touches on a whole host of Champion balance among other things, head over here.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm

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